The opportunity to work towards exams gives the children a sense of achievement and allows them to work towards something tangible.  This can focus their training and gives them a steady progression through a continuing series of goals.

All students from Grade 1 upwards are given the opportunity to enter for Royal Academy of Dance Examinations and Presentation Classes.  These are by no means compulsory and children choosing not to participate will, when ready,  move up to the next class with their peers.  Children choosing to participate in exams are expected to attend the additional coaching classes provided during the term of examination.

Southwest School of Ballet has an impressive record of examination results.  Since the current marking system was introduced by the Royal Academy of Dance in 2004, we have entered more than 470 students for Graded examinations.  The average pass mark for all these students is 71%.

Results have improved annually, including the higher grades as more pupils stay with the school each year.  In 2011 our Grades 6, 7 and 8 students achieved exam results averaging 74.5%, 72% and 81% respectively.

Southwest school of ballet chooses not to enter Pre-Primary or Primary children for any form of assessment or examination.  Instead we prefer to extract the best from both old and new syllabi to enable the experienced teaching staff to guide the children through the important fundamentals of classical technique and to secure a strong foundation upon which the child can build.

  Examinations at Southwest School of Ballet