When you first come

It is our policy to grant a trial class. If your child decides that it is not for her/him, there is no charge or obligation. If you would like to continue with classes then you may join for the remainder of the term and will be charged on a prorated basis including the trial class.

For your trial class, please dress your child comfortably. If a leotard is not at hand, leggings or a skirt and T-shirt, or even a simple fairy dress will do.  For boys a T-shirt combined with a pair of shorts is appropriate.   If ballet shoes are not available the trial class should be danced in bare feet.

If your child needs your presence in the classroom during the first class, you will of course be accommodated. Once he/she is settled in class, however, we do prefer that you wait outside but close by.  

Please note that all trial classes must be booked in advance by calling 020 8392 9565.

If your trial went well and you have decided to join us you will need to complete the Booking Form (downloadable) and send it to Southwest School of Ballet, 36 Hertford Avenue, London SW14 8EQ, together with the Registration Fee (£20) and Term Fees for the current term.  Please telephone the office on 020 8392 9565 who will advise the correct amount payable.

The Registration Fee is payable only for the first child of each family joining the School, with no further charge for any attending siblings.  Full term fees are always payable for the eldest child, with siblings receiving a 10% discount.

Once you have joined, please be on time for each class! Being late disturbs the children already in class and often makes the latecomers uncomfortable.  If you are late, please ensure that your child is completely ready before quietly entering the room.  Parents are asked not to interrupt the class once it has started.

Please be advised that the taking of photographs in the classroom is strictly prohibited except on our special “Watching Days” at the end of the Christmas and Summer Terms.